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Statement made by the regional Memorial organizations on the occasion of B. Gryzlovs appeal to the public to reconsider ones attitude towards Stalin.

The political development in Russia is going into a direction, which incessantly takes a turn back to the past. The empire is claiming new victims. And the new politicians of the 21st centur announce reforms based on thoughts and advanced political ideas which, in actual fact, do not prove to be new at all.

04.12.2004 On December 1, the Center of Historical Enlightenment of the Krasnoyarsk Memorial organization carried out a seminar in the settlement of Irbeyskoye for students of the upper grades of the Irbeyskoye district. The project was called Long echo. Human rights in history and todays Russia. Apart from this, a lecture was held on Political Reprisals of the Krasnoyarsk region. On December 2, there was a meeting with students of the upper grades of the Stepanovska (Irbeyskoye district) secondary school.

23.11.04 Yesterday representatives of the SPS Party, the Yabloko Party, the Movement For Human Rights, the PEN-Club, the Memorial Organization and the Prison Brotherhood picketted in front of the Krasnoyarsk regional court for the defense of Valentin Danilov.






Official statement made by the Krasnoyarsk Memorial Organization on the occasion of the legal initiative intended by President V.V. Putin.

We are of the opinion that the nomination of the governors and the abolition of elections in districts with only one mandate represent a breach of the Constitution and an infraction of the electoral law. This is unlawful. Examples of using unusual events as justification for the restriction of democracy and a toughening of the regime have not yet disappeared from the Russian conception of history and the peoples memory.

We believe that terrorism cannot be fought by an increase of authority, but by purging and reforming the law-protecting organs, by increasing professionalism within the special State security services and, in the first place, by solving the problems, which attract the attention of the people in the country, in real terms.

03.09.04 Today the first volume of the Books of Memory about the victims of political reprisals of the Krasnoyarsk region, on which we worked intensively during the last year, passed for printing. Of course, not we alone but also the archives of the regional administration of the Federal State Security of the Krasnoyarsk region, the States archives of the Krasnoyarsk region, the regional Office of Public Prosecutor, the Information Center of the States Administration of Internal Affairs of the Krasnoyarsk region and, of course, the publishing house Izdatelskie proekti. They all worked on this project with a selfless devotion! The presentation of the first volume is going to take place in October.

10.06.04. The Krasnoyarsk Memorial Organization took part in the All-Russian protest campaign against the bill of the State Duma concerning the abolition of social benefits and amendments of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

22.05.04 Vera Viktorovna Tobari (Kuniko-san) has been to Japan to see her relatives. 

20.05.04 Today took place the regional celebration to honour and award the participants of the competitions Man in history. Russia 20th century and The best lesson on: the history of the victims of political reprisals and resistence against life without freedom in the USSR .
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15.03.04. On the 15th of March 2004, on the occasion of a project carried out by the People's Assembly on "The elimination of administrative obstacles in social life as an instrument in the fight against poverty", the Krasnoyarsk Memorial Organization handed over a bundle of brochures to the municipal Gorkiy Library. The project was supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.
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09.03.04 The Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" Organization is celebrating its 16th anniversary today. What we have done during all these years can be read under the entry "Our Work". However, there are by far not all information - we are successful working, but there is not enough time for PR.

03.03.04 On the occasion of a project carried out by the People's Assembly on "The elimination of administrative obstacles in social life as an instrument in the fight against poverty" the Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" organization made a trip to Yenisseysk. The project was supported by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.
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02.03.04 A round-table conference took place in the Ethnic Cultural Center on Caucasian peoples living in Krasnoyarsk. The event was organized by the Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" organization in close cooperation with the Committee of National Affairs, Religion and Social Organizations of the Krasnoyarsk regional administration. Representatives of social and public organizations, the Chechen and Azerbaijan diaspora, the Krasnoyarsk regional administrative machinery and the press took part in the discussions.

24.02.04. Yesterday, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the deportations of the Chechen and Ingushet people, members of the Krasnoyarsk Memorial and the Vainy Society laid wreaths at the Memorial for the Victims of Political Reprisals. After a short meeting of commemoration a memorial service was held in the Krasnoyarsk mosque, at which members of the Krasnoyarsk Memorial Society were present as guests.
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20.02.04. Please accept our apologies for the noticeable lack of news and up-dates on our site recently. At present we are intensively working on the first volume of the Book of Remembrance dedicated to the victims of political reprisals of the Krasnoyarsk region.

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