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"Memorial" Society, Krasnoyarsk. News. Archive 2003




03.11.03 Our data base now comprises the names of 45000 victims of reprisals.

30.10.03. Today the people in Krasnoyarsk commemorated the victims of political reprisals.
Photo report

24.10.03. The Krasnoyarsk "Memorial" Society took part in the 6th Fair of Social Associations of the city and region of Krasnoyarsk. On this occasion we received a diploma "For the active development of citizens' action committees, the participation in solving present-day problems of the association, as well as the successful presentation on the 6th Fair of non-commercial organizations".

22.10.03. Today a telephone hotline was arranged at the editorial offices of the “Krasnoyarskiy rabochiy” newspaper agency for interested persons to ask questions about the rehabilitation of victims of reprisals as well as the possibility for social welfare and support for rehabilitated citizens and persons who suffered from political reprisals and have been recognized by law as victims of political persecution.

The questions were answered by:

The presenters were E.I. Rusakov, chief of the “Krasnoyarskiy rabochiy” affiliate and A. Babiy, chairman of the Krasnoyarsk “Memorial” Society.

16.10.03. The regional ceremony of the rewarding of the participants (students of the higher grades) of the 4th All-Russian Historical Research Contest "Man in History. Russia. 20th century" was carried out successfully. Press release and photo report here


19.09.03. A meeting between continents after many years. Last night, guests from Japan arrived in Krasnoyarsk by air. The dream of being unified with her relatives came true for Vera Viktorovna Tobari (Kuniko-san). Of course, the guests were also welcomed by “Memorial” members, the heroes of the occasion.

Welcome at the airport

Finally reunited

At Vera Viktorovna’s home

And there - that’s my uncle!

Let’s drink to our reunion!


01.07.03. The Krasnoyarsk “Memorial“ Society has opened two foreign currency accounts. If you would like to give us your financial support, you may now transfer money to one of these accounts from abroad.